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Challenging the Data Discussion: Why User-Based Targeting Isn’t the Answer

With 2020 in full swing, there has been a lot of talk about the shift away from user-based targeting.

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No more free gardens – the free web as we know it is under attack

Imagine a beautiful spring Sunday in New York City. Very few things are more delightful than being able to stroll in Central Park and have a picnic on the sprawling grass next to Turtle Pond.

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Can We Save the Open Web?

–  Open web ad tech solutions have to evolve to be able to deliver the same impact as the walled gardens. – Over the next decade, we’ll see the death of banners and intrusive ads. – Impression-based business models are antiquated.

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Harry and Meghan’s Brand; Snoop Dogg’s Foray Into Fast-Food: Tuesday’s First Things First

Plus, digital media companies seek a new path after Google kills cookies

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Chrome Is Killing Cookies – But SameSite Still Needs To Be Updated

By 2022, third-party cookies will be obsolete in Chrome.

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In 2020, Is User-Based Targeting the Most Effective Way to Connect?

Recent scandals have required sweeping changes across the industry as to how brands use data. User-based targeting may not be the most effective way to reach consumers.

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Emerging Tech in 2020: As IoT Grows, So Do Security Concerns

The upside of connected devices is enormous, but the security risks evolve all the time. How some companies are protecting customer data through these devices We’re seeing an influx of products into the market where little thought is going into security.

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Why Outbrain is confident about the growth of programmatic native in India

We recently caught up with Sandeep Balani, Head of India, Outbrain.

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