Outbrain Celebrates Easter with its Belgian Clients

Adrien Boespflug
Adrien Boespflug

A month ago, the Outbrain Benelux team celebrated Easter with local clients. Let’s take a look back at a successful night, filled with fun, great memories, and new skills 😉  For the occasion, we decided to host a private cooking class in a famous cooking venue in the center of Brussels, Belgium.

Such events are better told about through pictures rather than a long essay, but below is a sneak peek to give you a feel because it was a great night!

  • 20 guests amongst top marketers and publishers in Belgium + 4 Outbrainers
  • 3 authentic and creative recipes mastered by all
    • Starter: Irresistible “tarte tatin” of seasonal vegetables with its homemade caramel
    • Main: Dhal of coral lentils with coconut milk, soft boiled egg & roasted veggies… bluffing! 
    • Dessert: Dark melting chocolate cake with white heart, simply THE best! 
  • 1 talented chef teaching in 3 different languages: English, Dutch and French
  • 150 glasses of superb wine and 60 of nice refreshing bubbles

A big thank you to everyone who attended and made this event a success and one that will not be forgotten any time soon. We cannot wait for the next one… coming really soon!

Adrien Boespflug

Adrien Boespflug

Adrien Boespflug is the Marketing Manager France & Benelux at Outbrain and is responsible for all the marketing activities in this region. Previously, he worked as a Marketing Specialist at the Performance Review Institute: a global authority in the aerospace and medical devices industries. In his spare time, Adrien enjoys composing music and doing all sorts of sports, preferably outdoor and where adrenaline and high intensity are involved such as freeskiing, wakeboarding, longboarding, tennis, cycling, and much more.