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Success Story

From health and life insurance through to energy and broadband, as well as car insurance and home loans, iSelect helps Australians take care of the important stuff.


iSelect wanted to drive health insurance leads. They decided to incorporate native into their lead generation strategy by using content they had already tested across other digital mediums and knew was performing well, with a high CTR.  Throughout the campaign, they alternated a variety of formats – articles, videos, listicles, tips, and how-to content. They also constantly A/B tested their content – from the copy to headlines, iconography, images, etc.


Each landing page had a clear call-to-action on the right-hand side of the page which moved down as people scrolled down while consuming the content.


iSelect used two conversion points – one for intent and one for lead generation/form completion. Each point had a different CPA target, with the one for form completion being higher. The campaigns had separate floating pages targeting the same vertical, the same objectives and KPIs, but a slightly different content which could, therefore, be tested.

Their creative worked extremely well because:

– They localized their headlines by using terms such as “Australian”, which resonated with the target audience.

– They used numbers within the headlines, making them more engaging.

– Great and relevant use of images: the people looked real. The images used were close-ups and had a personal feel that people could relate to.

Iselect case study- solution


Working with Outbrain allowed iSelect to reach audiences who were browsing on premium publishers such as The Sydney Morning Herald,, MSN, The Age, and were likely to be interested in their content.

With a reach of over 86% of the Australian population, Outbrain helped iSelect connect with new audiences and drive traffic from premium publishers.

Outbrain has really helped us tell our story in the Australian market. The team at Outbrain completely managed the account and took care of the optimization throughout the campaign. Through the Outbrain platform, we were able to see what content worked, what didn’t, and we could get very smart with the money we invested to amplify our content.”

Krista Pech Digital Marketing Manager, iSelect

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