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    How can I troubleshoot pixel installation?

    Whether you implemented the Outbrain conversion pixel on your site directly or via Google Tag Manager, you can now replace it with our Advanced Pixel. The revamped pixel will allow you to track multiple actions, and accurately measure your content ROI in the Outbrain dashboard.

    You can test and troubleshoot your conversion pixel using our  Outbrain Pixel Tracker. If you find that you are not receiving conversions in your dashboard after the campaign has been live for a few days, be sure to check the Pixel Tracker for any error messages. Below, we have outlined a few common errors that may arise. You can also test the pixel manually.

    Pixel Not Found

    This error means that a pixel does not exist on the page. Please review the code on the backend to make sure that it is installed correctly. Review our guide on how to implement your pixel properly for more information.

    Multiple Pixels Found

    If you have the same pixel on a single page multiple times, this can interfere with the tracking functionality. Check your source code to make sure you have removed any duplications of the same pixel.

    Command Not Recognized

    When using event-based conversions, be sure to keep the command type as ‘track.’ If you alter the code to recognize a different command, the “Command Not Recognized” error will appear.

    Order Value Without a Currency

    This error will appear if you did not assign a currency to your order value. Please review your pixel and add a currency from our accepted list:

    • USD-United States Dollar
    • CAD-Canada Dollar
    • EUR-Euro Member Countries
    • GBP-United Kingdom Pound
    • ILS-Israel Shekel
    • AUD-Australian Dollar
    • MXN-Mexico Peso
    • BRL-Brazil Real
    • SEK-Sweden Krona
    • SGD-Singapore Dollar
    • RUB-Russia Ruble
    • NZD-New Zealand Dollar
    • INR-Indian Rupee
    • JPY-Japanese Yen
    • PHP-Philippine Peso
    • CHF-Swiss Franc

    Currency Not Recognized

    Please make sure that the currency chosen is one our system can recognize. Review the previous list to check what our system accepts.

    Network Error

    Check your internet connectivity and make sure it is not running into network issues. Once you have verified the strength of your signal, this error will disappear.

    How to manually test Outbrain’s pixel

    Head to the page where the pixel is installed. Right-click and select “Inspect.” Click on the “Network” tab and refresh the page.

    Once fully loaded, search for “tr.outbrain”.

    In any browser, a 200 status code indicates that your pixel has successfully fired.

    Testing pixel

    Once the pixel has been tested, you can monitor conversions in the “Campaigns” view of your dashboard. A conversion will be logged after a reader clicks your promoted Outbrain content and completes the goal you’ve set.

    Still having trouble testing your pixel? Our DIY Customer Success team is happy to help with any issues you may be experiencing.

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